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Dr. Scott Smith
Doctor of Chiropractic
4th generation Chiropractor
More than 30 years Chiropractic experience

"Feeling better every day! That's what our patients keep saying!"

Dr. Scott Smith Education: Brigham Young University

Chiropractic: Los Angeles College of Chiropractic
(Doctor of Chiropractic)

I have led an active existence in life, sport and injury. Weight-lifting; squatting 560 lbs and back injury. I ruptured 3 discs in my neck; hyper-extending my head backwards. An intense fall skiing resulted in mid‑back injury. This was irritated by an auto accident, resulting in neck and arm pain, giving me a pain level of 8-9, on a scale of 10. What have I gained from this? ...personal experience.

It is important to appreciate the value of personal experience. Most doctors, or chiropractors, treat these problems without really understanding your pain, so they can only begin to understand the frustration and desperation.

Since I am a fellow sufferer of neck, mid, and low back disc pain, I feel uniquely qualified in other people's suffering. I have been there! I know what might help because I know what helped me. I found out from personal experience what works and what does not.

When I was enduring the worst of my pain from injury, the thought entered my mind… "If I could just be pulled apart..." I had heard a great deal about spinal decompression therapy; it made sense to me. I bought a spinal decompression machine and started working with it to relieve my own discomfort.

My personal experience with decompression was quite dramatic: Within 3 sessions, my severe mid back pain was gone. After 6 weeks, my low back pain was gone. After a few months, my neck has reached about 80% improvement. I am able to enjoy skiing, mountain biking, and many other activities. As you can tell, I live for being active and having fun! Spinal decompression has done much to give me my life back.

Get me in front of you. Let me treat you.
You will find that my knowledge is vast and my treatments are refined.
Experience matters!

I have has been using the Triton Decompression System for the past four years providing relief to patients who are suffering from low back and neck pain due to disc related conditions.

I trained with, and ran, one of the nation's leading scoliosis clinics in the country. I have experience with many methods to treat curvature of the spine, be it scoliosis, lack of neck curve, sway back and other postural problems.

I specialize in the treatment of disc and nerve pain in the spine with resounding success utilizing decompression and accompanying therapies. To find out more about this great therapy, click onto this

We have X-ray on site as well as state of the art equipment such as surface EMG, computerized range of motion computerized grip testing, infrared body fat testing, all geared to find and document your injuries.

I have a working relationship with various Medical Doctors if needed as well as MRI and CAT scan centers.

I am certified in applied kinesiology to help bring about balance to the muscles and organ reflexes (similar to acupressure), as well as nutrition to bring a patient to optimal health. I have found much success with treating dyslexia as well as other developmental delay syndromes, using kinesiology. I am a firm believer in utilizing all forms of therapy to help a patient improve as soon as possible.

We can help with:

·  Personal Injuries

·  Auto Accidents

·  Herniated Discs

·  Mid-back and Rib Pain

·  Nerve Pain

·  Subluxation

·  Arch and Foot Pain

·  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

·  Scoliosis

·  Wellness Care

·  Rotator Cuff Injuries

·  Shoulder Tendinitis

·  Tennis Elbow

·  Pinched Nerves

·  Piriformis Syndrome

·  Lower Back Problems

·  Neck and Arm Pain

·  Migraines

·  Injured Workers

·  Nutrition

Thank you for taking the time to visit our Internet site. In practice as well as on-line, we strive for excellence through superior patient treatment, education, and satisfaction.

Yours in health,

Dr. Scott Smith
Smith Family Chiropractic, A Spinal Decrompression, and Laser Center
1520 3rd St NW Suite E, Great Falls, MT 59404

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