Theresia Bleul

I am a 65-year-old woman I was involved in an injury complicated by spinal stenosis in my low back. For two months I was in bed. There was no walking and no crawling. I was bed ridden.

I was recommended to a pain management facility in Carlsbad for epidurals. I had a total of 14 epidurals. After the 6th injection, I developed type 2 diabetes. My blood got very thin and I developed a lot of bruises. I was in a wheelchair, scooter, and walker for several months. I was scheduled for surgery. I was scared and devastated.

I was Then referred to Dr. Scott Smith at Smith Family Chiropractic who gave me spinal decompression therapy as well as chiropractic care. I felt much better by the third treatment. I continued with 20 treatments and have had some follow up treatments as well.

I was impressed also with the massages that I received from Tyler Smith at Smith Family Chiropractic, who with his great touch contributed in the healing process.

Thanks to Dr. Smith and Tyler, I can now walk and participate in regular activities as well as hobbies and exercises. My quality of life has improved 100 percent and I have been able to enjoy my life were before was it impossible!

Liz Schwarz

I am Liz Schwarz, a patient of Dr. Scott Smith’s. I walked through his doors sometime in March 2010. I was there to experience the Class IV Infrared Laser Therapy, which I knew nothing about, except that a close friend described it as “a miracle” due to the results he received for a long standing shoulder problem.

Curious and skeptical, I entered the office and explained to Dr. Smith that I had two injuries from a parasailing accident 28 years ago, which has been a constant crutch of daily pain. Though I told myself not to complain, it was an accident where the doctors described me as “surely-a-goner.”

Dr. Smith first did a complete exam, head to toe of body balance, nerve performance, blood pressure and a series of other tests. Without manipulation he could attest to my present spinal compression and subluxation problems.

We then went into a room, to perform the Class IV Infrared Laser treatment. Once placed on the area of injury, a high concentration of laser light beams penetrated through the surrounding tissue, breaking up stagnant cells, moving them and stimulating them to a very active level of re-generation. It was completely comfortable and pain free.

After just a few treatments, I now experience a pain-free foot, and my shoulder and right arm that I could never lift higher than 45 degrees, now has full range of motion!

I have continued with more laser treatments for added cell stimulation and use of body function. This has been my best investment in my 49 years of life. I now move with a body ready to go. Free of all it’s past hang-ups!

Now I can call the Class IV Infrared Laser “My Little Miracle”!

Thank-you, Dr Smith!

Dorris Baldwin

Not only is he (Dr. Scott K. Smith) able to relieve the aches and pains of his patients but he is also able to keep his prices below competitive.

It is very easy to understand why his patients return time after time; His gentle, and cheerful personality and perfectly paired with his ability to heal. Dr. Smith's patients are so satisfied with his skills that they even coined his business motto, "Feeling Better Everyday." And that's exactly how his patients feel.

Dr. Smith proudly boasts of his latest technology and experience, which sets him a part from the other chiropractic clinics in the area. Dr. Smith is one of the few clinics with decompression tables, a class 4 laser, and education in kinesiology.

Don't let this little clinic fool you. Within the remnants of a once booming shopping center lies a skillful and competent chiropractor ready to ease the pain and heal your body.

(note- our office moved February 2013 to 2191 El Camino Real, #105, Oceanside, CA 92054.. its a great office.. come and visit us. Stop the Pain! Feel Better. )

Thank-you, Dr Smith!

Smith Family Chiropractic, Spinal Decrompression, and Laser Center
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on 10/04/2009

Smith Family Chiropractic, Spinal Decrompression, and Laser Center is a small practice located in an almost deserted shopping center. The economy may have closed many of the shops surrounding this quaint chiropractic center, but Dr. Smith has been able to weather the storm. Not only is he able to relieve the aches and pains of his patients but he is also able to keep his prices below competitive.

It is very easy to understand why his patients return time after time; His gentle, and cheerful personality and perfectly paired with his ability to heal. Dr. Smith's patients are so satisfied with his skills that they even coined his business motto, "Feeling Better Everyday." And that's exactly how his patients feel.

Dr. Smith proudly boasts of his latest technology and experience, which sets him a part from the other chiropractic clinics in the area. Dr. Smith is one of the few clinics with decompression tables, a class 4 laser, and education in kinesiology.

Don't let this little clinic fool you. Within the remnants of a once booming shopping center lies a skillful and competent chiropractor ready to ease the pain and heal your body.

Thomas Booth

Dr. Smith skillfully and kindly assessed my shoulder injury. His use of Class IV Laser has returned my shoulder from being unable to pick up laundry or ride my bike to starting to being able to do these tasks again - after just 1 treatment. His decompression table has relieved backpain that has followed me for 4 years - I woke up feeling pain first thing in the morning for these years, and I've woken up this week with very little backpain. He tries to work with you to get you in and out of there without being greedy about it at all. I'm giving 5 stars to his skill and efficacy as a chiropractor - 4 stars is for a pretty nuts and bolts office space. If you need to get the job done, have inflammation that won't go away, or ongoing pinched nerve issues, Dr. Smith can most likely help you.

Olivia Gonzalez

I am updating my review because I am so grateful for my experience with Dr. Smith. When I started with him, I couldn't lift a laundry basket or ride my bike because of shoulder injury. He helped identify that it was also a disc injury in my neck. Through his decompression table, he opened the crunched vertebrae in my neck, allowing the disc to begin to heal. Through the class IV laser he used, my shoulder is completely functional again, and almost pain free. I sawed some firewood over the weekend. All in 10 visits, I have regained use of my shoulder and am beginning to ride my bike. I have also gotten rid of some chronic pain in neck as well. His personality is sweet and his analysis skills as a chiropractor are top notch.

Shelina T.

9/20/2011 Dr. Smith is one of the best chiropractors I have been to in my life. He has knowledge that goes beyond most traditional doctors who only look to treat symptoms. After taking a look at my xrays and then an MRI he noticed a disk bulge and has been treating my neck through decompression. I am now free of numbness in my arms and hands and I don't get shortness of breath like I used to. Note: the radiologist missed the disk bulge on their 'impression' and Dr. Smith was the one that found it. The neurologist agreed with his finding. If you're looking for someone who has a natural feeling about what is wrong with your body, the education of over 12 years along with 4 generations of training in his family and a kind person who listens to you you will want to go to Smith Family Chiropractic. For those with scoliosis or children with ADHD ask him about his results on that. He also uses lasers.I know I've been blessed and am very thankful.

Zachary R.

9/14/2011 I wanted to come by here and give a few opinion on Smith Family Chiropractic and Dr. Smith. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about him. First of all he is a 4th or 5th generation chiropractor and that right there goes to show he knows his stuff! I have been having problems with my back for a while now after a lifting accident and since I have been going to see Dr. Smith I have felt so much better! He goes out of his way to make all of his patients completely comfortable and tries his hardest to heal as much as he can. He explained to me the issues with my back in full and nothing was confusing. It was all easy to understand. I am so grateful that I have found someone like him. I am not the only person who visits him in my family. Everyone in my immediate family are also patients and its wonderful to have a doctor who really knows what he is doing unlike some of the others I have visited. BEST OF THE BEST! Take a visit. You will NOT be disappointed!

Marna T.

8/16/2011 A TRUE HEALER!

I have been to a zillion chiros - a zillion more orthopods have been in PT for 20+ years with a broken back - arthritis and years of wear and tear from volleyball and track - and this man really is a gifted healer

his additional training - AK for those in the know - plus the great technologies of today - decompression / traction - laser (my life saver) make the difference. call him

You can be in pain walking in - heart racing, no deep breathing...and walk out moving , knowing you'll sleep that night drug free. call him

I moved to Sacramento for a year and in that big city - not one even came close to the expert healing Dr Scott can provide. really.call him

Biggest piece for me is compassion - he has experienced pain and his knowledge - HUGE experience and training - comes together to heal your pain - I often joke that he needs to wear a Jedi robe .....JUST CALL HIM

Monte H.


Dr. Scott Smith is an exceptional Chiropractor / Kinesiologist with a wide range of technics including decompression and lazer therapy to aid your recovery from many different types of injuries and aliments. He has greatly helped my wife and myself and I highly recommend you contact him today. His goal is to improve your qaulity of life.

Thank you Dr. Smith

Michael S.


Smith Family Chiropractic is a great place to go for the exceptional Chiropractic treatment care. I have been going to Dr Scott Smith for the past 8 years. He was referred to me by another Chiropractor that I respected as a professional in this field of Chriopractic. Dr Smith had equipment and treatment techniques that my referring Chriopractor did not have. I have had the opportunity to live all over the USA during my career and have had many different Chiropractors during this time. I would rate Dr Smith in the top 5 of Doctors of Chiropractic that I have worked with. He is always listening and asking about changes in my life. Dr Smith is always making sure his practice is up to the lastest techniques and new technology by attending educational courses throughout the year to provide his patient population the best service available. In the 8 years I have been seeing Dr Smith I am more flexible and pain free through his treatment planning process for my low back than I have been in years. His goal is to get his patients healthy and pain free. I see Dr Smith on a weekly basis and have been witness to many of his patients that walk in in much pain and walk out with a smile on their face. Dr Smith is not only a terrific Doctor of Chiropractic but a good man. If you are looking for a spa like setting and everyone in lab coats then you need to go somewhere else. If you are looking for someone that is passionate about his work and caring for his patients then you have found the right Doctor of Chriopractic at Smith Family Chiropractic. I have tried other Chiropractors closer to home but the treatment and continued care I get at Smith Family Chiropractic makes the weekly trips all worth while. If you are in pain or need to just get your life back in alignment GO SEE HIM.......HE IS THERE TO HELP YOU!!!!!

Mike S.

Maureen B.


To know Dr. Smith is to love him!! I've been under Dr. Scott Smith professional, compassionate care in a few different treatment programs of which he brilliantly custom designed for me over the past seven months producing amazing results. I happily avoided knee surgery!! My neck and back old auto accident injures have improved also. Currently, he has me on the road to a full recovery from viral bronchitis. GO SEE HIM!! HE WILL HELP U!

Smith Family Chiropractic Oceanside - Yelp

Shelly M.

After moving here 3 wks. ago I found a Chiropractor who aggravated my symptoms. I was suffering extreme "Adrenal Fatigue." I found Dr. Scott Smith and after 1 consultation and treatment I was 90% better... ( No kidding ) and after 2, he told me another couple of treatments and I could go on maintenance. This man REALLY knows what he's doing. He is a 4th generation Chiropractor, deals with disc problems, neck problems ... even adrenal malfunction. I could't be happier finding Dr. Smith. I feel this man is one of the 'gifted' Chiropractors who really knows the human body & how to help make it function better very quickly. I was amazed!!

I've been going to Chiropractors for over 40 yrs. I know a good one from a bad one lst appt.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DR. SCOTT SMITH for all types of joint & muscle problems, headaches, neck pain, back pain, leg pain, neuropathy,... to name a few. He'll get you back on your feet and feeling good in no time!

Mike S.

Deborah A.


I have been going to Dr Smith whenever I have needed treatment for the past 20 years. I cannot say enough good things about him. First of all and most importantly he really cares about you as a person and really works to help you obtain optimum health. He uses many modalities in his treatment and the results speak for themselves.

Ariana R.


Literally thank god for this Dr. Hes the only one who ever was able to help me with my back pain now im pregnant my baby is lying right where im injuried and killing me dr. Smith moved i wasent able to find him then i moved to san diego and just found him on yelp i made my appt. I dont care to drive an hour its well worth it

Leslie N.


Dr. Scott Smith, DC, is a miracle worker. I started going to see him more than a year ago now. I had limited mobility in my shoulder sometimes called frozen shoulder and after researching places that offered cold laser therapy, I went to see Dr. Smith. AMAZING!!! WONDEROUS!!! I can raise my hand over my head, hook my bra myself, and not have pain when reaching into the backseat of the car to grab something. I have told all my friends about him. Google cold laser therapy and read about it. It's like acupuncture was years ago. It's the future! Dr. Smith also adjusts my neck and back because that's where I carry my stress. He's FABULOUS! He has a real talent in healing and I recommend him highly. Dr. Smith has also treated my knee after hiking the Grand Canyon. My knee was unstable and it hurt and twisted easily like things were stretched out inside or something. We hiked for 5 hours down into the Canyon with a 30 pound pack and my left knee was ruined. His adjustments and the cold therapy on my knee has brought it back to almost normal. I wear an Ace bandage on my knee now when I hike or walk or do any thing physical. And it's all fixed and feels great. Thank God I can do something/anything physical because when I hurt my knee I wasn't doing anything for the longest time. The orthapedic doctor told me after an MRI there was nothing wrong with my knee that he could fix with surgery. Blahhhhh surgery! That's their only solution to problems. I can't recommend Dr. Smith highly enough. He's a healer in our generator and has many tools to do it with.

Faith P.

After my Person and I and both experienced some mid life issues - mine in the hip, my Person with a aching clavicle - we agreed to do a tandem appointment so we could go back to the strenuous hikes we once enjoyed as a younger couple.

Dr. Smith was caring and supportive with my Person since he owns one himself. And after patiently treating my lopsided hip and her aching shoulder with corrective techniques and state of the art laser applications, we both bounded out of there already in better condition than upon our arrival. My Person even took me for a run around the block before we got back into the convertible, because after all, a dog can only hold it for so long. The other Doctor gave me a big bowl of water before we left which was pretty cool as well. And the curly blonde in the office? If I were just a tad bit younger I would consider a little fling - even though my Person still looks as beautiful to me today as she did in her youth.

Anyway, I can only imagine how quickly one can heal after a few treatments since the whole office had a great vibe.

I would totally trust a chiropractor that has earned the trust of my Person - and would gladly recommend Smith Family Chiropractic to any two legged and four legged creatures who needs to get on with the next hike.

The backpack is ready for our next venture.....but wait! Who replaced my milk bones with those gmo-suspect beef jerkies?

Megan S.


I was traveling in Oceanside, Ca and hurt my neck on a Saturday. Dr. Smith stayed past his regular clients and offered to see me. I was I excruciating pain and he spent about an hour with me using many methods to relieve the pain. He even came in on Sunday to finish the work. I’m impressed not only with his ability to diagnose as well as the advanced tools he has to resolve the problem. I’ve seen some of the best chiropractors in the business over the last 20 yrs. and he was one of the very best I’ve ever experienced. It’s good to know there are practitioners out there committed to service.

Lynne G.


I couldn't be more pleased with the care I have received from Dr. Smith. Within about a month I had complete relief from shoulder and upper back pain caused by Fibromyalgia. In addition to adjustment he was able to locate and treat the CAUSE of my pain. I'm so happy to have found an answer and a solution to my pain which has reoccurred on and off for over thirty years. Very professional and caring

Shelly C.

How do you say "thank you" to someone who has rekindled hope that life will get better? I had almost resigned myself to applying for disability because medical doctors could not help me. After years of struggling and chronic pain, Dr. Scott Smith has renewed my faith and given me hope that I can one day be as active and in shape as I need to be in order to live my life! It's only been a few weeks and already I am seeing huge improvements in my ability to move, walk, and attain flexibility I haven’t felt in about 8 years! Frustrated and feeling kind of powerless to change my declining physical condition, I was depressed and feeling pretty hopeless when I, as a last resort, agreed to see Dr. Smith. I’ve seen other chiropractors. No one knew what he knows, and no one has the vast array of knowledge and treatments he has to address my complex medical needs. I’m grateful to have found him and am gradually making progress. Without his help, my options would be very limited. I can’t thank him enough but I can recommend him to everyone in hopes they will maintain wellness or address their medical concerns with him. Allopathic medicine has its limitations. Dr. Smith can help your body heal. I highly recommend his services! So grateful...

Shelly C.

2/12/2016 • Previous review

Excellent care by a skilled, knowledgeable and caring professional. Integrity goes a long way with me... Dr Scott Smith is truly one in a million! Everyone needs a healer, and he is mine. Conveniently located, comfortable office setting, affordable fees and payment plans. I am REALLY fortunate to have found him. New found optimism regarding my health, which hasn’t been optimal, for sure. He is helping me, and I am able to do more than I have in a very long time! Wow. Read less

Sebastian H.


Thank you Dr. Smith for giving me myself and my life back!

Go and see this man! I'm from Sweden and over a long period I have had extreme fatigue, numbness and burning/radiating pain in my hands, arms, legs and a sore neck. I even had to quit my job as a store manager because I couldn't keep it up any longer, let alone take care of my wife and three kids under 5. Life was getting to a dark point to say the least. No doctors, physiotherapists or chiropractor had been able to find the cause of my pains.

And then I met Dr. Smith.

We met in Copenhagen at his son’s wedding. We started talking and soon Dr. Smith offered to take a look at my neck. It took 10 seconds and he found what was an old injury in my neck. I traced it back 13 years when in a car accident. Dr. Smith was so professional. He actually didn't want to crack anything without knowing more. He simply adjusted and stretched. Lo and behold, after the treatment I began having incredible goosebumps all over my body, and it lasted 45 min!

Dr. Smith explained that my nerves had been blocked/pressured due to the injury and causing them not to function properly. We met two more times shortly and He (!) offered to treat me 2 more times. And that’s when I realized what a passionate man he is about his profession. I was overwhelmed by his humble and sure way of knowing what he is doing.

For the first time in years I felt alive again, I had strength in my hands, could be up and about for more than an hour without having to sit or lie down.

Thank you Dr. Smith. You have saved my life!

Tauna M.

My husband and I recently moved to Oceanside from Arizona. We were both in need of chiropractic services and had no idea where to go. I let a neck problem wait so long for attention that my left arm was going numb constantly and the headaches I was having were terrible. The overwhelming pain I was in caused me to make a visit to the The Joint. The treatment received there was at best a joke with no results, so I went online to find another chiropractor in my area and fortunately found Dr. Smith. Dr. Smith uses state of the art treatments. Using manual adjustments, decompression and laser therapy I am now able to use my right arm again and no longer have any headaches. My right hip has significantly improved and I am able to walk longer distances and faster. My husband’s back and shoulder issues have significantly improved as well. My husband is very happy with Dr. Smith too and he is not easy to please when it comes to a chiropractor. I overheard my husband tell Dr. Smith he had not had such a good treatment since he left Chicago back in 2000 and getting my husband to go for his appointments is easy because he looks forward to going.

Dr. Smith takes the time to take care of us. He never rushes us out of the office and is extremely knowledgeable, caring and concerned for our well-being. I don't know what we would do without him. If I could give Dr. Smith 10 stars I would!

Toni and Tony M.

Lisa B.

I am so thankful to have found Dr. Smith while visiting Oceanside. He was very thorough and really took time with me, knowing I was only in town for a few days. I was able to enjoy my weekend with my family after his treatment. Yay! His staff is so wonderful, I wish I lived closer! THANK YOU DR SMITH AND STAFF ;-)

Christine M.

4/28/2014 I'm so relieved to find Dr. Smith at Smith Family Chiropractic.

He is gentle and effective with my past car accident, whiplashed neck.

My bad back from horseback riding and my headaches. He fixes me and he's affordable. Thank goodness for Dr. Smith.

Christine M.

2/25/2014 My husband needed to find a good chiropractor with experience and who was up to date with new healing techniques. We were especially looking for the class IV laser.

Jordan L. Dr. Smith gave us both knowledge and cutting edge healing options. We would recommend Dr. Scott K. Smith's Smith Family Chiropractic Healing Center to anyone, especially those suffering from chronic illness, pain and back/ neck issues.

This is truly a family business. I could not have been happier. I threw out my back and called at 6:30, Dr. Smith said that he would stay until 7 for me when I could get there; even though he normally closes at 6. Once, I was there he was very professional. He made sure he understood what was wrong with me and I didn't sense he was in any rush even though he had closed an hour ago. You can tell he truly cares about having you get better

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